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Build, run and grow your business in glorious technicolour

ADHD coaching for late-identified ADHDers. Designed to help you understand your brain, figure sh*t out, smash down barriers and make exciting plans on your terms.


All while being kind to yourself.

That’s me over there.

Suzy holding rainbow confetti canon

“Suzy helped me see that I’m not broken, bad or worthless because of ADHD. Thanks to coaching with her, my passion for writing has returned and I’m preparing to launch my own business.”

- Clare Dugmore

Stack of multicoloured books

Escape overwhelm, channel your ideas and achieve success. However you choose to define it.

Challenges with focus, concentration and interpersonal skills? Resistance to mundane-but-important everyday tasks? Not being able to do something for no other reason than your brain saying NOPE?

We get it.

Not just because we’re ADHD coaches. Because we’re neurodivergent ADHD coaches, founded by a late-diagnosed ADHDer.

Our ADHD coaching is based on tools and strategies that have helped us, adapted to help you: 


  • Understand why your brain does what it does

  • Learn what you can and can’t change

  • Make better decisions

  • Find the right path and stay motivated on it

  • Adapt and make accommodations in your life and business

Think of it as a personal user guide for your brain.

A bold guide, bursting with ideas. Presented in glorious technicolour.

So you feel empowered to use ADHD as an advantage. And present your authentic self to the world, in the way only you can.

Start where you are now

We don’t tell you where you should be. We figure out what matters now and what’s important in your future. 

Then, help you build a path to get from here to there in whatever way your technicolour brain prefers. 

It goes a little something like this…

The Technicolour Project Rainbow spot pattern
1. Be proudly you

Make peace with your technicolour brain. Learn how to process any anger, grief and frustration that comes with late-identified or late-diagnosed ADHD.


When you meet and like the real you, great things happen. Trust us on that.

The Technicolour Project Rainbow spot pattern
2. Work WITH your brain

Different isn’t less.


We’ll talk through ways to focus on the things you do uniquely well.


So you can be happy, healthy and motivated in life and business.

The Technicolour Project Rainbow spot pattern
3. Make it happen

We’ll figure out the big picture and your longer-term ambitions.


Then, set clear and manageable goals that keep you accountable and get you where you want to be.

Bold dreams are encouraged (but not essential).

“Suzy is the perfect coach for me as she pushes me just enough outside my comfort zone, and challenges my skewed perceptions of my abilities.”

- Ebony Newton, Founder, Dotty Black

Tangents, fidgeting and interruptions are welcome here

Too often, the established methods for starting and running a business aren't neurodivergent-friendly. 


So we’ve thrown the rules in the bin.

Instead, we do coaching the ADHD way.


The Technicolour Project support system works with your ADHD brain, not against it. 


  • No grey textbooks

  • No jargon

  • No spreadsheets

  • No anxiety-inducing deadlines

We give you space to explore what you want to achieve. Then, build coaching around it. 


It’s a partnership. We listen, show, support, motivate and keep you accountable. But we do it on your terms. 

Two slug fidget toys stacked together

Our ADHD coaching options

1:1 Coaching

ADHD business coaching for entrepreneurs who want to solve challenges, while processing and learning.


  • Weekly or fortnightly one-hour 1:1 coaching sessions with Suzy via Zoom

  • Regular check-ins

  • Ongoing accountability

  • Tasks, worksheets and tools

Plus, priority access to workshops and body doubling sessions.

The Bright Bold Business Builder
The Technicolour Project Rainbow spot pattern

Business coaching for anyone who wants to learn how to be self-employed with an ADHD brain.   


  • Six-week program

  • Weekly 90-minute lesson via Zoom

  • Weekly 30-minute check-in

  • Personal workbook mixing practical and theoretical

  • Ongoing peer support and feedback 


You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Is ADHD coaching right for me?
Do I need an official diagnosis?
Can you diagnose me?
Do you accept Access To Work clients?
Are you a trained ADHD coach?
Is ADHD coaching the same as ADHD therapy?
How much does it cost?
What kind of results will I see?

Join other brilliant ADHDers doing great things in their lives and businesses

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